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Guides and resources for regular players

GameFAQs has a whole bunch of old guides for Eternal Wings though there seem to be a lot of mistakes in most of them. See also Origins. Hilariously they also have a page for the remaster (SEO, woo!) but it only links to GameCube-era guides.

The Fandom-hosted wiki has more data than one would expect, including a full list of Magnus with locations. It does not, however, mention the existence of the novels, and we'll all agree that's tragic.

The Let's Play Archive (an offshoot of Something Awful, therefore coming with a major warning for possible problematic jokes and general irrevence) has a full Let's Play of Eternal Wings.

Resources for nerds

The Cutting Room Floor has some a bunch of technical tidbits, plus some fun localization differences.

There are people who speedrun this, including the infamous two-week-long 100% speedrun of Eternal Wings, and they have accumulated a number of guides and resources. You can find all that on

Notably, Exchord has two impressive spreadsheets with a ton of data. Spoilers abound, obviously:


We've got a small-ish Discord called "The found ocean" going, which you should not have much trouble finding if you look. The main community project is currently a new fan wiki that is not Fandom-hosted and contains more accurate data.